Hard Skills 


I am used to presenting technical details in a digestible way, and tailor each presentation to my audience's experience and expertise. I have presented at multiple national and international conferences from early in my PhD (first started in 2015). Beyond that, I often present at internal lab meetings and journal clubs. I believe that pictures are extremely important to storytelling, and am used to crafting clear, high quality, aesthetic figures. I think the fewer words on a slide or poster, the better. For a full list of conferences I've attended and the talks/posters I have presented, see here.


I really enjoy mentoring and have been a mentor to graduate students, research associates and interns. It's refreshing and inspiring to see mentees excitement in their projects and to know that I've helped develop their skills for their next step. Once I started mentoring, I wanted to get more involved so joined our Education Committee to further influence our candidate selection and trainee experience. I also have taken multiple colleagues as observers into the operating room - where I am responsible for their conduct - and show them all the components of our research protocol.


During my PhD training and in my current lab, I have collaborated with a variety of biologists, mathematicians, biomedical engineers, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and other clinical staff. I have had productive collaborations with other labs within Mayo Clinic and other institutions such as NC State, Columbia University, and the University of Nottingham. Being in a multi-disciplinary field, I have learned how to communicate with a wide variety of experts with different technical language.